Operating under the extensive Lankem Ceylon PLC umbrella, the Lankem Pest Management Division is a highly specialized outfit equipped to handle both large scale and small scale Termite and General Pest infiltrations. We strongly believe in the protection of homes and businesses from a seemingly untapped threat - pests. We pride ourselves on our professional and clinical "seek and destroy" methodology to pest management while protecting what you hold most precious to you - your family.

From termites to cockroaches and rats, our expertise span the entire gamut of pests. Our many years of experience along with the technology we utilize ensures not only that we have become respected among our valued clientele but also among our competitors.

Pests can turn deadly and is a real threat to you and your family. The longer it goes unchecked, the harder it becomes to handle it on your own. We take down monsters.

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Cockroach control requires a multi-faceted approach. These insects are often sited near food, but they may harbor nearby. Food service staff can be instrumental in reporting infestations and assuring that cockroaches’ access to food, water and harborage is limited. The insects’ favorite locations include corners of floors or ceilings, near all sources of water, in equipment engines, by loading docks, near trash containers and recycling bins, and in cracks and crevices.

It is very difficult to remove sources of water from cockroaches, because they can drink from almost any moisture, including toilet bowls. Cockroaches can scale outside walls, so any penetrations should be sealed. Cockroach runways through the building, like plumbing pipes, electrical conduits and heating ducts could be potential areas for infestations.

Insecticides should be applied in cockroach harborage and passageways, such as cracks and crevices, beneath sinks and stoves, in back of refrigerators, beside baseboards, and in electrical outlets and cabinets.

Ants enter structures in search of food, water or shelter from hot or flooded conditions. It is usually impractical or impossible to eliminate ants outside the building .

Ant infestations are easy to spot inside the facility, but it can be difficult to determine where the ants come into the shop and their pathways. Inspections should be done to plug pathways around baseboards, cupboards, pipes, sinks, and electrical wires and outlets. Kitchens, restaurants, food storage areas and other places with food are places where ant problems might emerge. Also during ant infestations keep sweet foods like sugar, honey, syrups and jams refrigerated. Ant nests can be found in potted plants around the premises as well. If an ant infestation persists extensive treatment should be considered.

Rats and Mice
To prevent rat and mice infestations all the food items should be enclosed. Garbage and recycling bins should be well contained and emptied frequently. Vegetation should be at least a foot from the building, and dense ground cover should be segmented to deny cover to vermin. Seal holes in the building and screen the facility’s vents. Seal air conditioning units, too. Repair sewer pipes and place wire mesh in the drains. Eliminate free standing water in or outside the building.

The traditional methods such as toxic baits and glue pads can also be used to control them, but that needs to be done carefully, as the vermin may die in an in accessible place which would lead to odors and insect infestations, and people might come into contact with the toxins.

High-risk areas should be monitored regularly. Once detected, it is important to determine whether the vermin are rats or mice, and which kinds of mice are present. The treatment differs for each species.

Infiltration of rats has become a common hygiene problem in households. Most of the techniques and products used to eradicate them are ineffective.

As a solution, Lankem Pest Management introduces TRUBBLE-GUM. A glue based trap for rats that is non-toxic, convenient and highly effective.

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Cockroaches are one of the most resilient insects in the world. They can adapt to wide range of environments and prefer to live in the darkest corner of our houses. They are unhygienic, ugly and capable of spreading diseases. Getting rid of them is every home maker’s dream.

Lankem Pest Management has introduced a solution that will make your dream come true. CATCH-A-ROACH. A unique, specialized food based lure will mass trap these repulsive pests for you to dispose. Unlike most of the products CATCH-A-ROACH is non-toxic and environment friendly.

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